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A Southern Land Title Agency


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Things We Can Do For You


You need a trustworthy partner who understands your needs.


Buying or selling a home? A Southern Land Title Agency is here for you.


Our underwriters have the knowledge and experience to work through the requirements and exceptions on a title commitment for our insured Lenders.


Commercial property transactions have a unique set of components.

Who We Are

A Southern Land Title Agency, LLC is an independently owned and operated title insurance agent located in Southern Pine servicing North Carolina and South Carolina. A Southern Land Title Agency underwrites for Investors Title Insurance Company, which is the only NC Underwriter that began in Chapel Hill, NC and still operates there today.

Why Work With Us

By staying connected in the community we’re able to provide homeowners of Moore and surrounding counties with the best title insurance possible. We are continuously looking for areas to educate our Insured persons, both Owners, and Lenders. The laws that govern Real Estate and the closing process continue to change so it’s critical to understand how those changes affect your title insurance policy.

Our Partners